25 August 2016

Bath & Body Works | Autumn 2016

 Bath & Body Works | Autumn 2016

I'm a huge fan of Bath and Body Works, even they don't have any physical shop in the UK. I love how smash the fragances for every season, along with being cruelty-free as they don't test their products on animals. Is worth to say before to start that they are not very affordable as they don't have a shop in the UK and everything has to come from the USA, there are different pages that sell those products though and some of them have awesome prices when they are on sales! In this ocasion I have brough these by amazon and the delivery was in less than a week!

Sweet Cinnamon Pumkin Fine Fragance Mist

Bath and Body Works always launch a new range of fragance for every season and this one has been going on for the last few years as it is quite popular. In this case I have brought the fragance mist as I wanted to have something different and I GOT IT! To start with I though I hated it but once you are using it for a couple of times.. I woud not change it for anything. The smell is quite sweet but not cicly at all as it has very strong notes of cinnamon at first and then the pumpkin comes trough. I think is the perfect scent for the autumy season. I have been using it now for the last few weeks and I just recived commliments of how good I smell! 
It's got a cost of $14 at the webpage but I payed £16 by amazon.co.uk with free delivery. 

Sweet Cinnamon Pumkin Body Lotion

Even I could have brought the shower gel and body lotion, I decided jsut to pick the body lotion as some reviews in Bath & Body Works webpage were saying it was better as the scent stays in your skin longer, AND THEY WERE RIGHT! The scent is not as strong as the fragance mist but stays in your skin for a long time so in the case you don't want to use the fragance mist you would keep smelling like an amazing sweet pumpkin. The body lotion is the perfect daily moistrue as it contains Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E so it provides a all-day moistrue with a non greasy formula. The cream is absorbed so quicly by your skin and leaves your skin soft, smooth and nourished. Is worth to say that is also Non tested on Animals.
The price of this body lotion is $11 but due to a sale it was going on amazon.co.uk I brought it for just £9!!!

Those products are just a few from the whide range of autummy scents they have. I am very excited to try the new winter collection comming in next October!

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