30 September 2017



I'm  not a huge fan of exercicing but I will never say no to go shopping to buy GYM clothes and get then, some motivation to workout. This time I went to PRIMARK and even tough I found lots of things I liked I just grabbed the most important things I need it.

A pair of Black Trainers

I know is not the most exciting thing to buy sometimes but here they are! 
I will be honest with you, these black trainers are veery comfi to wear, they fit well your feet so they won't "dance" arrount your foot and make your gym time painful, the laces are just for decoration as trainers are elastic and is my only contra as I don't really know what to do with them, they look really nice but once you are excercicing they will get loose and they will be your worst nightmare.
The price tough is another thing, they were £9 but when I brought them they were reduced just to £4! Which is an abolutely bargain, they also have other colours but I always thought the black ones do best for the Gym sessions or running. 

Support bra

Due that I don't need lots of support when I am excercicing, when you go to the Gym you do need a different kind of bra. Primark has a large range of different types of Gym bras, even push up ones! Their prices go from the  £4 up to  £7.
The bra I brought is the "Light support bra" which in my oppinion is one of the best range of Gym bras that Primark has. They are made with very light and seamless fabric which makes them look and feel more comfortable than some of the others, they have a pads to make you feel more protected and are very elastic as well so your two friends will be tucked in perfectly. The material is very soft and the fabric is brilliant if you are the one who sweat a lot as the fabric will allow your skin to transpire.
The price of this bra was brilliant and very unnexpensive as it was just for £5. Primark offers a range of those bras in different colours, materials and shapes but for me, the one I have picked is the best one! 

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