28 December 2017



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Who ever imagined as a kid that one day we would want to come back to be a child?
Is hard to understand why adults said that when you were a kid isn't it? 

Also, how many times during our lives our parents have said the most magnificent sentence of " One day, you will realize that..." and we have realized with the time?
Well, this post is about that, is about why those things happen and the answer is no one knows, and no one cares. We spend most of our time surviving to unpredictable situations and when we have happiness, well, to be honest when we are happy we don't even care to think about that as we are more than ok how we are in the moment.

We all have to grow up making mistakes and having more responsibilities as we grow older but why? 

Well my friends, we have to do it because we have to live something called life! And if life would be always being a kid it would be bored, if we wouldn't fell in love and then being heartbroken, we would never learn to truly appreciate the meaning of love. If www wouldn't ever get a job and hated it, we would have never realized what is our really purpose in life!

Life is hard, and is just going to get harder with the years but here is the thing, if we accept that we have to keep going, if we recognize our mistakes and try to emend them, if we try to look at the positive more than the negative, we can make a good hell of a life but it will always be up to us and just us.
Is normal to have bad times to make us realize then how much we have to appreciate the good ones and enjoy them.

So, let me ask you something now. If you have red this post, what made you read it? Go and make of your life a good one and even though you are going to make mistakes, remember is part of get better.

I love you all  xx

27 December 2017


15 January post ideas | 2017

Hello everyone, I thought that before the 2018 arrives it would be a good idea to share with you some ideas to create new blogpost in January! So here they go!

1.    Write about your goals and resolutions for 2018
2.    Holidays haul. Show all your gifts!
3.    Book goals: Have a list of some book you would like to read
4.    With the new year, is good to have some Q&A in order to see what people who reads you want you to write about
5.    Organization tips: How do you organize yourself weekly
6.    Winter wardrobe: Share some of your most used outfits
7.    Story time: Share a story form your life with your subscribers so they will know you better
8.    Sales Haul!
9.    Share some tips for a healthy lifestyle
10. Review a product you recently tried
11. Winter skincare routine
12. Money saving tips
13. What’s in your winter bag?
14. Favorites of the month
15. Blog tips for beginners! 

26 December 2017



As Usual, at the end of each year, we like to do a recap of how our year has been and most of the times we do it wrong, very wrong.

In order to make it in an appropriate and fair way, we must separate our main moments and divide them according if they are good, bad and the last category which everyone use to fail is bad moments which bring something positive / good.

Good moments: They are those which bring us happiness or a smile every time we remember them, those who are able to change or bad mode to a good one and be happy again. The most important for me this year has been my furry baby. GusGus has been more than a happy moment he is a little puppy full of good memories.

Bad moments: Those are the ones that makes us unhappy, usually keep us awake at the evening when we are in bed and we sometimes can be ashamed of. In this year, I have a very bad moment which is that I have been forced to move back to Spain even though I had all at the UK. I feel really unhappy still but is a good excuse to motivate myself for the 2018 goals to come back.

Bad moments which transform into good: Those are the ones we always mistake with the bad ones. They are bad things that has happened to us but those bad things lead us to a much better moments and happiness. For example, in my case, this year I have been cheated on ( real badly), I thought my world ended as I have never been single before since I remember! But then, at the same time, it has given me the freedom to grow myself, to enjoy life from another point of view, to mature much more and appreciate those little things of every day.

To swam up, every year we will have good and bad things, is just up to us how we want to interpret those things which it will make it a good or horrible year.

Sending lots of love! Xx

24 December 2017



I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas blog post tag, to sort of, maybe get in the spirit (it’s never too late).

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?

Oh my! There are so many Christmas movies that I love but if I would have to choose one it would be The Grinch. That movie means much more than Christmas to me, as is an important part of Christmas in my life. It was the first Christmas movie I watched as a teacher, the first movie I watched in my own flat when I went to live with my ex, the only movie I have ever watched at 6 A.M on Christmas day!

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Here where I live, we split the festive days into two. On Christmas Eve, I opened the presents with my mum’s mum and on Christmas day I open them with my mum’s dad. So we keep the emotion for two long days as on Christmas day we open them at the afternoon!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

If I have to choose a Christmas memory I couldn’t choose one as I guess I am too young yet to have a good one! So far, I have enjoyed all my Christmas though!

4. favourite festive food?

Aside from Christmas Dinner (which unfortunately, we don’t have in Spain), I do love the desserts! They are my absolute favourite! If I would host my Christmas dinner I would just have desserts!

5. Favourite Christmas gift?

One dollar. It is a very simple gift, but it meant the world to me as it lead me to a trip to NYC for New Year’s Eve! It was the most magical year so far!

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

Christmas cookies, cinnamon, and a hot cocoa with a candy cane in it!  

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

After our dinner and have opened the presents, we have always watched a movie which is not Christmassy at all but here we go; We watch the Gremlins!!

8. What tops your tree?
As right now we are living at my nans while my parents are making their own house, this year we don’t have any Christmas tree or decorations up! Is a bit upsetting but I don’t mind as this year I don’t feel as jolly as other years. But when we were at my old house, we had a very sparkly silver star shining on the top!

9. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
Spending time with my family is definitely the best part and now that I have my dog, is even better! All the build up to Christmas is just amazing as you can see the good in people and we help each others more.

10. What do I want on a future Christmas?
I would like to be hore jolly and happy, be able to celebrate it in my own house and invite my family to have a nie meal and enjoy of some time with them along with my friends. 

23 December 2017



Unfortunately, some of us, at one point of our life have been cheated on and our world of happiness has vanished in a second.
Few months ago, that happened to me. I had all I ever wished for and then, suddenly, one day all vanished in a second. It wasn’t nice, and it has been so far, one of the hardest chapters in my life which I am dealing with still.

At the beginning…
The fist days and weeks I felt awful, it took me time to realize that the life I was living it was from the past and I needed to look at the future. I spent some days crying and I isolate myself, I stopped to socialize due the massive lack of trust I had on people.

Few weeks later…
Day by day, I started to feel better with myself and I gain enough confidence how to do something new. I realized I had to do something of profit with my life, I suddenly needed to set some new goals in my life in order to get rid of this horrible chapter I was living… I didn’t trusted people still and wasn’t able to socialize 100% so I decided to open my YouTube Channel and start blogging more. Is the BEST I could have made!

Since I set the new goals in my life, my situation has change a lot, is not something that changes immediately though as it takes time and effort but have my You Tube Channel, has allowed me to start socializing more with people and open myself if I feel down or happy. Recently, I have watched my first weekly Vlog I ever made, and the difference is so drastic! I cannot believe how bad I was before! Between blogging and vlogging, I have socialized more. I have made new friends which I am very happy about and to be honest, is so nice to have someone to talk to again!


I know that my future is still unsure, but I also know that every day it gets easier now and I am growing more as a person, I am forming myself and feeling happier. The future I want for me know is not based into find a new man in my life, is just simply try to be happy again with whatever the life brings. 

22 December 2017



Hello everyone! As you guessed from the title, I want to talk a bit about the blue block glasses. In case if you don’t know, those glasses are for people who work long hours with computers and spend lots of time in front of the TV. They are very simple, they are a normal pair of glasses (with or without graduation, up to everyone needs) with a special filter which keep our eyes safe from the light that the electronic devices have and damage our eyes.

If you are a person who spend lots of time in front those kind of devices, it would be great if you could get ones as your eyes will be more protected rather than wear nothing.
In my case, I got them because I started to spend more hours in front of my computer due to my Vlogging and Blog and recently also, my job.

There are a few brands who offers this kind of glasses but the one I found that is the cheapest and better one is the Afflelou brand. They just have one design of glasses but in lots of different colours and they also offer the service to graduate your glasses with the blue block protection and a different style (you will have to pay more for this last one though).

The price of those glasses is 30€. They always have an offer though that if you buy 2 you just have to pay 40€ which means each pair is just 20€ (which is a bargain!).

In my opinion, I think they are awesome as I feel my eyes don’t get as dry and tired as they used to be when I was spending lots of time with my computer.

What do you think about them, would you buy some?

Love you all xxx

21 December 2017



Most women when arrive to their 20s starts to be a bit concerned about their skin as they realise that they won’t have is as perfect as now forever. And to be honest, most of us haven’t been on a daily routine for our skin ever. Now that 2018 is coming I would recommend having it as a new goal for this next year as it would help your skin lots.

20s — Exfoliator
Even though we clean our face daily, sometimes is not enough for our skin, that’s why we should exfoliate our skin one a week. I usually do it on Sundays as I have more time and it makes my skin feel lovely to start the week on Monday!

20s — Daily SPF
At our 20s, is the age that probably we have the best skin ever in our life, so we must protect it to maintain this longer. We can do it by using a daily cream with SPF, even at winter as even though we don’t see the sun the UV rays are still there, this will help our skin to prevent wrinkles and retard the oldness of our skin.
20s — Nightly Antioxidants
Look for an antioxidant-packed moisturizer as it will help to maintain our lovely skin. The antioxidants will scavenge free radicals that come from pollution, stress, and the sun to stop them from starting a damaging cascade that eventually harms our skin on a cellular level.

20s — Gentle Acne-Fighters
Even though acne is not as usual as when we were younger, sometimes it could reappear occasionally (specially in that time of the month for most woman). For this, the products with benzoyl peroxide are usually the best ones as they defeat the pimple-causing bacteria.

I hope this helps you a little bit and by the way, don't ever forget to wash your face at morning and evening and remove yor make up EVERY DAY!!!! 

Love you all xx

20 December 2017


new years resolution | 2017-2018

Every December, at the end of the year, lots of us make some resolutions or set up ew goals for the year that is about to start.
Most of those goals that we sent at the beginning, have not been accomplished and others, haven’t even last for a week!

In order to make my goals happen or get as close as possible to them next year, I am going to put some easy ones and when I will put them all together, it will make a big goal in my life.

My best advice is set your goals in those things that will make you happy at short term and long term. They will be easier to achieve if the goal will bring you happiness. For example, set a goal to get a new job which it will bring you happiness and at the same time incomes. Is not usually easy to achieve but you have a whole year!!

Here is up to everyone how important those goals are for them; some people may stablish goals like have a diet and then lost the interest as they will just give up. My advice is that if those goals are important enough for you, you will always find a way to keep going until you will accomplish them. You can find support in friends, family and social media as I am doing.

This year I wanted to make it different and easier for me. The thing I desire the most for 2018 is be happier, some of you (if you have seen my YouTube Channel know about what I am talking about). I have been thinking for the last month how I could do it so I set up small goals which will bring me a bit more of happiness every time. Here are some of my top goals for my 2018:

-          Keep saving money which it will hopefully allow me to get back to the UK
-          Get a job at teaching at the UK as is what I have done until now and one of the jobs I LOVE.
-          Find a place to live at the UK, I know this one is not easy but as I have been saving for 3 years now, I think I will have the chance to make it happen).
-          Keep going with my YT Channel and do at least one blogpost per week.
-          Try to socialize more in order to make new friends

I know some of my goals are not easy to achieve but because they are related between them, if I achieve the easier ones, I will be more confident to make the difficult ones to happen!

Which ones are your 2018 goals?
I wish you the best in order you can accomplish them!

Love you all xx


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Hello Everyone! 

As you know, Christmas is coming in less than a week and there are still some people who are struggling to find their Christmas spirit, and I am one of them. 

It is a bit hard try to get involved on Christmas preparation, like buy the presents, prepare the meals, organize everything when you just simply want those festive days to pass as soon as possible!
I have tried many things to try to cheer me up a bit on this time of the year as I should be happy and full of joy but sadly, I haven’t had any success and I have arrived at the conclusion that it is OK if you can’t be OK at Christmas that doesn’t mean that we can’t effort a bit when we will be around family though.
YES! YES, YOU WILL! Recently there is so much pressure on people to make ourselves happy at this time of the year and as all of us know, there are better years than others. It is ok if one year you just simply want to not put so much effort due to your family, mental or physical situation. There will be better years! So, don’t worry too much and just try to enjoy the time you spend next to family and friends.
I am sorry if this post is a bit demoralizing but, as life, not everything is good and easy!
I hope you have a wonderful day and remember,
You are always loved! xx

19 December 2017



This is the question that most of us ask to ourselves at this time of the year so... I have preparedd for you some outfits which you could use as an idea of what to wear!

Bershka 35.99€

Starting with dresses, I have always said that black is a good option as you look smart, this I will divided in two; Modern, and Traditional. Here I have put some photos of few dresses I have found apporpiate for dinners or meals in this time of the year.

Short de terciopelo con plumas
Pink fluffy Shorts From Bershka 35.99€
Stradivarius 29.95€

Other appreciated options are the combinations of colours and pices of clothing (shorts, trousers, skirts, etc.) such as pink and red or green and black which seems to be very popular this year 2017!

Newlook Bodycon Dress 39.99

This post wouldn't be complete without one of the most popular pices of clothing for Christmas which all of us should have in our wardrobe and that is a bright red dress!!

I hope you get some ideas and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Love you all xx

14 December 2017


What do you do If you are stuck in your life? How you manage to keep going?

What do you do If you are stuck in your life? How you manage to keep going?

Wellcome to my reality, I am not 25 years old and I have a very much differnt life as I always wanted. When I was younger, I always though I would be married, have a house and a dog and maybe a baby but the reality is that I am standing very far away from those goals I had.

Not even a year ago, I ad abolutely everything I wished for in my life, I had a house, my dreamed job, a perfect boyfriend and a lovely dog, even though I was living in a differnt country, I was happy as never before. Suddently, all changed and is how my current situation is: Single, and living back at my parent's house. Is so frustrating as I had everything and in less than a second all my dreams and hopes vanished and life hited me quite badly. 

What I am doing to don't be stuck in this situation now? How do I manage to keep going?

Oh well, my best advice is to give some time to yourself and most important, set new goals, those what you know you can reach without much difficulty inorder to gain a bit more of that confidence you have lost. For me a good think was find a new job or stablish a new timetable for my dog and I, also plan a new trip to make yourself a bit more distracted, among others.

Once you have gain enough confidence on yourself again, you can stablish a more important goal. In my case is to finish my HLTA NVQlvl4 and find myself a job back at the UK, which bring me the most important goal ever on my life so far which is save to buy me a house. 
Those new goals may not be easy to achieve but bit a bit you will find yourself closer to them.

I have also oppened a Youtube Channel which was due to my loneliness and lack of socialisng and to be honest, to keep myself on track and somehow force me to keep going as the main goal of my chanel is to film all the precess since now until I find myself a new job and hose back at the uk.

Here I leave you my video from YT just in case you want to know a bit more about my story.

Love you all xx

8 December 2017

About Me


Before start let me say I am Spanish and my Engish Grammar may not be the best of all times but I do this because I need to express myself. Saying that, let's start shall we?

My name is Gisela and I struggle socialising. 

I always have had problems trying to open up with people and I do feel very uncomfortable when I have to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people, here is where my problem is right now and the main reason I feel I am stuck in my life and I can't move on.
I have always been with my partner which meant I didn't had to worry too much about friends and socialising as I had him all the time but now, I am all alone. I am lost, I just simply don't know what to do, and people tell me to go out and have fun and live my life well, I just simply can't do that. IT FREAKS ME OUT. So I decided to do it in my way, I have open a Youtube Channel which means I can talk to people but at the same time I can avoid to see them or have to meet them all the time. I am slowly improving at it as recently, I have had a trip to Disneyland (which I will also blogg about it) and I have meet one the most lovely girls I met on Social Media (twitter). 

I am not sure how I am going to cope yet with it but I have decided to give it a go and keep trying my best to improve socialising with people. So far I am trying to talk to more people on social media (instagram & twitter) I have more issues that causes me not to socialise but I will tell you them another time.

I hope I haven't bored you too much and please, If you have suffered from that or you can give some advice, feel free to write a comment about it.

Here I leave you my video from YT just in case you want to know a bit more about my story.

Love you all xx


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