27 December 2017


15 January post ideas | 2017

Hello everyone, I thought that before the 2018 arrives it would be a good idea to share with you some ideas to create new blogpost in January! So here they go!

1.    Write about your goals and resolutions for 2018
2.    Holidays haul. Show all your gifts!
3.    Book goals: Have a list of some book you would like to read
4.    With the new year, is good to have some Q&A in order to see what people who reads you want you to write about
5.    Organization tips: How do you organize yourself weekly
6.    Winter wardrobe: Share some of your most used outfits
7.    Story time: Share a story form your life with your subscribers so they will know you better
8.    Sales Haul!
9.    Share some tips for a healthy lifestyle
10. Review a product you recently tried
11. Winter skincare routine
12. Money saving tips
13. What’s in your winter bag?
14. Favorites of the month
15. Blog tips for beginners! 

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