22 December 2017



Hello everyone! As you guessed from the title, I want to talk a bit about the blue block glasses. In case if you don’t know, those glasses are for people who work long hours with computers and spend lots of time in front of the TV. They are very simple, they are a normal pair of glasses (with or without graduation, up to everyone needs) with a special filter which keep our eyes safe from the light that the electronic devices have and damage our eyes.

If you are a person who spend lots of time in front those kind of devices, it would be great if you could get ones as your eyes will be more protected rather than wear nothing.
In my case, I got them because I started to spend more hours in front of my computer due to my Vlogging and Blog and recently also, my job.

There are a few brands who offers this kind of glasses but the one I found that is the cheapest and better one is the Afflelou brand. They just have one design of glasses but in lots of different colours and they also offer the service to graduate your glasses with the blue block protection and a different style (you will have to pay more for this last one though).

The price of those glasses is 30€. They always have an offer though that if you buy 2 you just have to pay 40€ which means each pair is just 20€ (which is a bargain!).

In my opinion, I think they are awesome as I feel my eyes don’t get as dry and tired as they used to be when I was spending lots of time with my computer.

What do you think about them, would you buy some?

Love you all xxx

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