23 December 2017



Unfortunately, some of us, at one point of our life have been cheated on and our world of happiness has vanished in a second.
Few months ago, that happened to me. I had all I ever wished for and then, suddenly, one day all vanished in a second. It wasn’t nice, and it has been so far, one of the hardest chapters in my life which I am dealing with still.

At the beginning…
The fist days and weeks I felt awful, it took me time to realize that the life I was living it was from the past and I needed to look at the future. I spent some days crying and I isolate myself, I stopped to socialize due the massive lack of trust I had on people.

Few weeks later…
Day by day, I started to feel better with myself and I gain enough confidence how to do something new. I realized I had to do something of profit with my life, I suddenly needed to set some new goals in my life in order to get rid of this horrible chapter I was living… I didn’t trusted people still and wasn’t able to socialize 100% so I decided to open my YouTube Channel and start blogging more. Is the BEST I could have made!

Since I set the new goals in my life, my situation has change a lot, is not something that changes immediately though as it takes time and effort but have my You Tube Channel, has allowed me to start socializing more with people and open myself if I feel down or happy. Recently, I have watched my first weekly Vlog I ever made, and the difference is so drastic! I cannot believe how bad I was before! Between blogging and vlogging, I have socialized more. I have made new friends which I am very happy about and to be honest, is so nice to have someone to talk to again!


I know that my future is still unsure, but I also know that every day it gets easier now and I am growing more as a person, I am forming myself and feeling happier. The future I want for me know is not based into find a new man in my life, is just simply try to be happy again with whatever the life brings. 

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