26 December 2017



As Usual, at the end of each year, we like to do a recap of how our year has been and most of the times we do it wrong, very wrong.

In order to make it in an appropriate and fair way, we must separate our main moments and divide them according if they are good, bad and the last category which everyone use to fail is bad moments which bring something positive / good.

Good moments: They are those which bring us happiness or a smile every time we remember them, those who are able to change or bad mode to a good one and be happy again. The most important for me this year has been my furry baby. GusGus has been more than a happy moment he is a little puppy full of good memories.

Bad moments: Those are the ones that makes us unhappy, usually keep us awake at the evening when we are in bed and we sometimes can be ashamed of. In this year, I have a very bad moment which is that I have been forced to move back to Spain even though I had all at the UK. I feel really unhappy still but is a good excuse to motivate myself for the 2018 goals to come back.

Bad moments which transform into good: Those are the ones we always mistake with the bad ones. They are bad things that has happened to us but those bad things lead us to a much better moments and happiness. For example, in my case, this year I have been cheated on ( real badly), I thought my world ended as I have never been single before since I remember! But then, at the same time, it has given me the freedom to grow myself, to enjoy life from another point of view, to mature much more and appreciate those little things of every day.

To swam up, every year we will have good and bad things, is just up to us how we want to interpret those things which it will make it a good or horrible year.

Sending lots of love! Xx

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