20 December 2017


new years resolution | 2017-2018

Every December, at the end of the year, lots of us make some resolutions or set up ew goals for the year that is about to start.
Most of those goals that we sent at the beginning, have not been accomplished and others, haven’t even last for a week!

In order to make my goals happen or get as close as possible to them next year, I am going to put some easy ones and when I will put them all together, it will make a big goal in my life.

My best advice is set your goals in those things that will make you happy at short term and long term. They will be easier to achieve if the goal will bring you happiness. For example, set a goal to get a new job which it will bring you happiness and at the same time incomes. Is not usually easy to achieve but you have a whole year!!

Here is up to everyone how important those goals are for them; some people may stablish goals like have a diet and then lost the interest as they will just give up. My advice is that if those goals are important enough for you, you will always find a way to keep going until you will accomplish them. You can find support in friends, family and social media as I am doing.

This year I wanted to make it different and easier for me. The thing I desire the most for 2018 is be happier, some of you (if you have seen my YouTube Channel know about what I am talking about). I have been thinking for the last month how I could do it so I set up small goals which will bring me a bit more of happiness every time. Here are some of my top goals for my 2018:

-          Keep saving money which it will hopefully allow me to get back to the UK
-          Get a job at teaching at the UK as is what I have done until now and one of the jobs I LOVE.
-          Find a place to live at the UK, I know this one is not easy but as I have been saving for 3 years now, I think I will have the chance to make it happen).
-          Keep going with my YT Channel and do at least one blogpost per week.
-          Try to socialize more in order to make new friends

I know some of my goals are not easy to achieve but because they are related between them, if I achieve the easier ones, I will be more confident to make the difficult ones to happen!

Which ones are your 2018 goals?
I wish you the best in order you can accomplish them!

Love you all xx

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