21 December 2017



Most women when arrive to their 20s starts to be a bit concerned about their skin as they realise that they won’t have is as perfect as now forever. And to be honest, most of us haven’t been on a daily routine for our skin ever. Now that 2018 is coming I would recommend having it as a new goal for this next year as it would help your skin lots.

20s — Exfoliator
Even though we clean our face daily, sometimes is not enough for our skin, that’s why we should exfoliate our skin one a week. I usually do it on Sundays as I have more time and it makes my skin feel lovely to start the week on Monday!

20s — Daily SPF
At our 20s, is the age that probably we have the best skin ever in our life, so we must protect it to maintain this longer. We can do it by using a daily cream with SPF, even at winter as even though we don’t see the sun the UV rays are still there, this will help our skin to prevent wrinkles and retard the oldness of our skin.
20s — Nightly Antioxidants
Look for an antioxidant-packed moisturizer as it will help to maintain our lovely skin. The antioxidants will scavenge free radicals that come from pollution, stress, and the sun to stop them from starting a damaging cascade that eventually harms our skin on a cellular level.

20s — Gentle Acne-Fighters
Even though acne is not as usual as when we were younger, sometimes it could reappear occasionally (specially in that time of the month for most woman). For this, the products with benzoyl peroxide are usually the best ones as they defeat the pimple-causing bacteria.

I hope this helps you a little bit and by the way, don't ever forget to wash your face at morning and evening and remove yor make up EVERY DAY!!!! 

Love you all xx

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