14 December 2017


What do you do If you are stuck in your life? How you manage to keep going?

What do you do If you are stuck in your life? How you manage to keep going?

Wellcome to my reality, I am not 25 years old and I have a very much differnt life as I always wanted. When I was younger, I always though I would be married, have a house and a dog and maybe a baby but the reality is that I am standing very far away from those goals I had.

Not even a year ago, I ad abolutely everything I wished for in my life, I had a house, my dreamed job, a perfect boyfriend and a lovely dog, even though I was living in a differnt country, I was happy as never before. Suddently, all changed and is how my current situation is: Single, and living back at my parent's house. Is so frustrating as I had everything and in less than a second all my dreams and hopes vanished and life hited me quite badly. 

What I am doing to don't be stuck in this situation now? How do I manage to keep going?

Oh well, my best advice is to give some time to yourself and most important, set new goals, those what you know you can reach without much difficulty inorder to gain a bit more of that confidence you have lost. For me a good think was find a new job or stablish a new timetable for my dog and I, also plan a new trip to make yourself a bit more distracted, among others.

Once you have gain enough confidence on yourself again, you can stablish a more important goal. In my case is to finish my HLTA NVQlvl4 and find myself a job back at the UK, which bring me the most important goal ever on my life so far which is save to buy me a house. 
Those new goals may not be easy to achieve but bit a bit you will find yourself closer to them.

I have also oppened a Youtube Channel which was due to my loneliness and lack of socialisng and to be honest, to keep myself on track and somehow force me to keep going as the main goal of my chanel is to film all the precess since now until I find myself a new job and hose back at the uk.

Here I leave you my video from YT just in case you want to know a bit more about my story.

Love you all xx

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