28 December 2017



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Who ever imagined as a kid that one day we would want to come back to be a child?
Is hard to understand why adults said that when you were a kid isn't it? 

Also, how many times during our lives our parents have said the most magnificent sentence of " One day, you will realize that..." and we have realized with the time?
Well, this post is about that, is about why those things happen and the answer is no one knows, and no one cares. We spend most of our time surviving to unpredictable situations and when we have happiness, well, to be honest when we are happy we don't even care to think about that as we are more than ok how we are in the moment.

We all have to grow up making mistakes and having more responsibilities as we grow older but why? 

Well my friends, we have to do it because we have to live something called life! And if life would be always being a kid it would be bored, if we wouldn't fell in love and then being heartbroken, we would never learn to truly appreciate the meaning of love. If www wouldn't ever get a job and hated it, we would have never realized what is our really purpose in life!

Life is hard, and is just going to get harder with the years but here is the thing, if we accept that we have to keep going, if we recognize our mistakes and try to emend them, if we try to look at the positive more than the negative, we can make a good hell of a life but it will always be up to us and just us.
Is normal to have bad times to make us realize then how much we have to appreciate the good ones and enjoy them.

So, let me ask you something now. If you have red this post, what made you read it? Go and make of your life a good one and even though you are going to make mistakes, remember is part of get better.

I love you all  xx

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