27 January 2018


How to organize YOUR BLOG CONTENT | 2018

I always considered that be organized is a virtue. The pity is that most people are not organized, and this affects your life both personally and professionally. Another common error is the human beings who want to run before you walk. Most people tell me that to have a good blog is impossible to have life and that's where I say they are wrong. I have my full time job, my youtube channel  and I write in my blog as well oh, and I do have a life, but it is organized. There is no magic formula, you just have to know to plan all the tasks you have to accomplish. While it is obvious that there will always be exceptions and days where it is impossible to keep up if you wanted. In the case of creating a blog, or just organize and throwing back what you have, it is important to understand the following points:


Blog should have a personal / particular theme but then try also other new ones. These themes are the categories in a blog and are used to group content. To generate this category, I propose a simple scheme. First, the main topics of the blog are created, then another and finally those related sporadic.
In a blog on Social Media organization categories could be: the main (tools, news and tutorials), those related (Success stories, e-books and studies) and sporadic (Inbound Marketing, Advertising and infographics).


Assuming that the content of the post is already thought like category, it will be only defined in what format will be posted on the blog. Some ideas are: infographics, tutorials, videos, interviews, news, downloadable content, etc ...
If you want more ideas to create content you can find some from other bloggers which are amazing and at the same time you will be supporting the community!


It is important to define the frequency of publications on a blog, especially at the beginning. No matter how low frequency (once a week), the important thing is to start. For more organization is advisable to use a calendar or notepad in which the next content publishing are planned. In addition to the above, I will want to share other factors that have influenced the organization and optimization of content within a blog. 
Of course from my experience as a blogger:

The design of a blog is the first impression that the reader takes on his first visit. After creating my blog, I have used different templates and change it more than 3 times in less than 6 months!!! I can guarantee that the design is very important. I would even say that after the valuable content that follows it is the design. Fashion is now being minimalist, less is more, so try to find a clean and attractive but mostly usable template. Remember that your goal is that readers navigate for several minutes to move from one post to another and so on.

The good thing about blogging is that by design or template you have configured is noteworthy that allow content. Despite several forms, the most common are:
  • Through banners on the right side of the posts.
  • By carousel homepage can highlight the latest news or those that are more relevant.
  • Highlighting the major categories through the menu of the blog. 

   The links
  • The links are paramount, both internal and external. For internal links recommend:
  • Link to other posts posted on the blog
  • Link to blog categories, this is a good way to help readers discover other content the desire

Last but not least, we must feel like to have a good blog, this way you will dedicate the love it deserves.

Love you all xxx

25 January 2018



If you are a lover of Bath & Body Works (BBW) products, what are you waiting to buy their products? Well, if they would ship to EU, I would do it! But no worries, there are few ways to buy their products. Keep reading to know how I buy them!

As a very good webpage where you can find some of the BBW products from the old and new season. The advantage i that if you are Amazon Prime, you can get some products with free shipping but on the other side, they are more xpenssive than the USA webpage.

The shop, has from candles, to hand sanitisers and also jelly soap! It is a very good place to buy things at more affordable price and with free shipping in most of the product they have. The sseller has some products for the older ranges and tones from the new ones and the most wanted ones which it makes it a perfect place to buy!

If you live at the UK, you hit the jackpot! At the facebook page, you can find most of the new products and the most demanded ones for a reasonable price and shipping! They also offer the opportunity that if you want any product from BBW webpage, you can order it to them and they will get it for you and send it to your doorstep! 

This is a beauty webpage where you can find different BBW products, from your car scent to handcream! Their prices are not the cheapest but sometimes they have offers at different BBW products which makes it much better and affordable. They are a serious company and the shipping is quick and guaranteed!

Right, now that you know where to buy those amazing products from BBW, what are you waiting for?!!!!

Love you all xxx

23 January 2018



We should learn to accept our body as it is...

There are many people who have inner struggles by not accepting their body as it is. We live in a society which the canon of woman beauty is very strict, many women live with complexes, insecurities and fears just to feel that they have a body that fits in a decent and acceptable size. The truth is that we should feel good in our own bodies, is basic and necessary to take control of our own decisions of how we want our body to be or look like and that way, we would learn to love ourselves and accept the rest of people without judgments, so we will feel much better in our own body.
Here you have some simple tips which might help you to love your body as it is:
1. You are unique; you're a wonderful person and your body has a beauty that is also unique.

2. Look at yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you.
3. Take care of your body, listen to your feelings ... For example, if you're too tired, then treat yourself to a nap, a hot bath, a massage, that would make you feel much better and relive some anxiety and or stress ...
4. Avoid workaholism because overwork also leaves its mark at the body as stress.
5. Play with fashion, sometimes we should encourage ourselves and experiment or test how we are with different things we never thought that we would wear, this might surprise you sometimes! We can also learn the kind of clothes that enhance our personal beauty and we dress according our age and personality.
6. Not everything consists in your body, there are more important factors which affect your general beauty such as your sympathy, social skills, personal charisma, kindness and love. They are very special and are a treasure that opens doors in all kind of relationships. We shouldn’t be so obsessed for how we look but how what kind of person we are.
7. Look in the mirror and fix your attention on all those body parts you like.

Remember, you can always leave your comments if you have some more good advice, so we can help each other!

Love you all xxx

20 January 2018



Hello! As many of you, I use makeup every single day of my life. I am that kind on girl who has a very bad dark circles and I need to use concealer EVERY DAY of my life..

Even though I consider I am not very good at doing my makeup, I have been using it since a long time ago and tired many different brands until I found the perfect ones for me.

In order to know which would be the best makeup for you, you would need to know your skin, but this will leave it for another time.
This post is about the best product I have found and that I think are the best ones for me to have a "natural everyday look" sort of.

I am a girl who suffers a lot of dark circles so the concealer is the most important makeup product for me. During years ( Since I was 14/15) I have been using it pretty much every day, and I have tried all kind and sorts of them but the one that has worked for me is the one from MUA in fair tone. It it the lipstick type of concealer and the best way to apply it for me to cover my dark circles is applaying it direcly on the dark circles and with my finger or a small sponge, found it with my skin. It is a very long lasting one and creamy so it will keep your skin mostruised. The only con that I have about it is that at the end of the day it creases because of your wrinkles (if you have) but with some more it will look like new! The price is very affordable and you can find it in lots of drugstores such as Superdrug ( at the UK) or their own webpage.

If you have been practicing or making your eyeliner for a long time, you should have enough practice to make it with a liquid eyeliner, which for me, is the one that works the best as the brush is very thing so it allows you to be more precice and once you apply it and it dries, it will last forever. If you don't have much experience, I would recoment the marker eyeliners, you can find them with lots of thickness so is just find the one that suits you the  most. A brand that I would recommend would be NYX for the pencil / marker one and the Bobi Brown if you have more experience and want to do it with a brush. Both of them are long lasting and easy to rectify and apply again. Even though the Bobi brown one is more expensive, the duration of the pot with the ink, it last forever, I really recommend it.

Here I have tried all kind and sort of mascaras, but I always ended up qith a silicon one as for my they work the best. My eyelashes are quite long but I have have a good amount of them so I need a mascara which separates my lashes and give them colour in order to make them show up a bit more. For that reason I always use the KIKO ULTRA TECH mascara. The tip is made of silicon and it leave my lashes separated and curves them at the same time. It is a product of a very good quality and it last for a long time. You can find them at KIKO MILANO shops or their webite and the most important is that THEY ARE VERY AFFORDABLE!

The best way to have your lipstick set all day and without creases is using a lip primer. The one that works better for me is a bit dry as I have one for matte colours so before to apply it, I will put some lip balm in order to mostruise my lips. The primer I am using since few years ago is the one form NYX, as I use it pretty much every day, is affordable and has a good result / quality. It comes in a bar, similar to lisptics and is very easy to apply. You can find them in drugtores and their own webpage. 

As I work in an office, I like to wear a more natural look, for that reason, my favourite lipstic is a matte dark pink colour from NYX. Is from Liquid Suede colection and the teaxture is very creamy to apply which it make it easier if you are too sleepy at mornings! If you are very into natural lip colours I would highly recommend their Lingerie collection as they have lots of creamy matte lipsticks in all kind and sorts of nude colours.

Even though I started to do my eyebrows not long ago, the product that I think works better for me is the KIKO palette. It comes with different tones and you can mix them in order to have your own. The colour palet also cantains wax so you can fix them to stay how you like all day long. Their prices are affordable so you don't have to spend a tone of money which is great!

I am very pale so to seem a bit more healthy and not a compleatly ghost, I use blush every day. I have tried lots of textures and brands but my favourite one so far is the MUA in the cupcake colour and the price is very cheap!!! My skin is very dry so after the mostruiser I apply some blush in order to make it blend with my cheeks. This blush is a powder one so what I do is, take some with my finger tips and add some of my mostruiser and it looks AMAZING! The only con I would say it has is that it doesn't last very long but as it is very cheap, I can apply as many times as I want.

And those are all my makeup essentials! As you may have noticed, I haven't included any foundation and that is due I use a BB cream but not very often. I will talk about in another time though!

I love you all! xx

18 January 2018


FURRY TAG | 2018

Hello! As many of you know I have a dog called GusGus and as I freatured him A LOT on my social media ( instagram, youtube, twitter), I thought I would be nice if you could know a bit more about him. I have answered a few general questions so here they come!

What kind of pet is and what breed?
Well, as most of you know, my pet is a male dog called GusGus ( yes, like the Cinderella's lovely fatty mouse). He is a pug even though it doesn't seem so, I will explain; His dad is a pedigree pug but his mummy is a pug x chihuahua, for that reason his face is not 100% as puggy as it could be which I am very happy with as the vet said he won't have respiratory problems as pug sometimes have!

Since when do you have him and when did you get him?
My furry baby came to me the 17th of November 2016, he was given to me by now the one who is my ex boyfriend for Christmas and my birthday all together. I do not like to say he was a present as I feel presents are objects and I am that kind of person who things that dogs are much more than that how to call them present... Like if they were objects or something!!
He was introduced to me the day I flown back from Spain to the UK, so he was wating for his new mummy at the airport!!! I remember he was soooo tinny and I cried of happiness all the way back home ( about 1 hour or so..).

How old is GusGus?
Right now, GusGus has 1 year old and 3 months! His birthday is the 24th of September and obsviously, we had a party just for him to celebrate wher ehe got tons of presents and even a whole cacke (dog friendly) for himself!

Does GusGus have something special?
I think all dogs have something special, in GusGus case are their weird funny faces that he puts most of the time and his tongue out ALL day long, even when he sleeps!!! And yes, I have touched it when he puts it out for a long time and it gets a bit dry so I put some drops of water until he puts it back in (for 1 minute if that....). A part form those, GusGus has been like a therapy dog for me as when I have struggled he has felt I wasn't being myself and cuddled and kissed me until I stopped crying. He also sleeps every night next to me and pushes me to the edge of the bed... Thanks Gus! 

What do you do with him of your free time?
I love to spend time with GusGus! I know that dogs don't live the same amount of time as us, for that reason, every day I try to spend with him as many time as possible. Our favourite thing to do when I have a day off is go on long walkies on the park and get him some extra treats (Yes, he is spoiled rotten). I also like to take pictures of both of us and play chasse with him, as it is the only exercice I do and time to time is nice to practice it with someone, especially if is your dog! 

What nicknames does GusGus has?
Oh dear... Allright I will put some over here but I call him lots of names bless him.. I always call him Gus or GusGus but I also call him sweet pea; Gasgui (no idea why); my lovely; silly sausage; fat boy; among others. The good thing is that he understands what I am saying ( he is quitle clever).

What GusGus means to you?
I struggle A LOT answering this question as I always cry just thinking about it ( I am a very emotional person). GusGus for me means my whole world, he is my most loved member of the family and I am just so lucky and happy to have him in my life! And I don't want to say more because I am already crying... 

I hope you all enjoyed knowing a bit more about my lovely furry baby!
Let me know that you like the most about your pets (all kind of pet) on the comments! 

I love you all xx

16 January 2018



Recently, I have had a painful memory coming back to me again, and as I am very impulsive my reaction would have been horrible if it wasn’t because I decided to control myself. I tried really, really, hard and I am proud to say that I made it!
It hasn’t been easy tough, to put you in situation, I have found a photo of my ex with the girl she cheated on me for the last year or so of our relationship. I know it might seem a very stupid thing, but I really struggled with this situation for a long time.


First of all, I have calmed down as there was no point to get dramatic at all and to be honest, he is not worth.
To calm down myself, I take few deep breaths as I felt I was getting a bit anxious.
Once I had my normal conditions back (sort of), I decided to text two friends as I needed to explain myself, and is one of the best things I have ever done. So, my advice would be to don’t keep those kinds of things for yourself even if they are stupid or simple as with the time, you will be paying your accumulate thoughts and frustration with someone who doesn’t deserve it.  
Finally, I decided to entertain myself a little bit, so I decided to read some new bloggers and watch some YouTube. 


Is still not easy even after few hours later but I kept thinking and I just realized that I am stronger than this situation so I just have to embrace it as good as I can and just keep going with what I do.

Even though I don’t have too many friends, the ones I have are amazing plus the blogger community always is there to give you a hand no matter what.
I am a very lonely person and I though I would struggle more but I gave it a shot at socializing more and I feel happier than ever now!


It doesn’t matter how you feel when those kinds of things happen, you just have to know that you are not alone and the most important bit, WITH help, or asking to someone you will be able to get through even that it seems you cannot survive anymore, or that you don’t want to ask for help as you struggle socializing. Everyone can get through, yes, it might take more or less time, but you will get through.

If you are feeling a bit down, just comment so we can help.

13 January 2018



How to Save at our shopping is one of the main goals at most families or people who lives alone (like me). Sometimes we buy more than we need, or we usually forget things that are super important! For that reason, I wanted to share with you some tips that I use when is shopping time.

1-     Always make a list of what we need: This will help us to don't buy innecessary items.

2-     Never go shopping with an empty stomach: One thing that I have learned with the time is that if you are hungry while shopping, the chane to buy an innecessary product to make your hunger dissapear will be very high.

3-     Go through the store following a logical pattern: Is easier when we go shopping to follow a pattern as it will allow us to memorise better where the products that we need are and that way, we will avoid to go to the whole shop.

4-      Always check the prices based on the unit price: This is very imporant, specially when the items or food are son sales or special offers like 3x2.

5-     Try other cheaper brands: Even we preffer to buy renamed brands when we can, is very good to try the cheapest brands as they are affiliate to the renamed ones, so at the end, the product is the same it jsut changes the name.

6-     Check the ticket of the purchase after paying: Always check your ticket as you might have some discounts or you could have been charged more than you should due to an offer which was not in the counter system.

7-      Make only one purchase a week: This vary a lot, depends on the family size and how much we eat. Me, personally, I preferr to shop once a week as I have all my menus scheduled so I can buy all the ingridients I need for the whole week. That way, it will save me time and money to go to the super and buy things I don't need.

8-     Set a purchase goal: I usually set a goal to don't spend more than a certain amount of money, so if one week I pay a bit more, the next one I will try to reduce it to make sure I don't spend more than I wanted to.

9-     Think about carrying plastic bags: As we all know, now we have to pay for plastic bags so in order to save a bit more, we should bring our own bags from home.

10-    Buy without children: When we buy without children, we will be avoiding the unnecessary items that children ramdomly pick up and which are very expensive.

 With these tips, and if it was of the people who are going to buy fast and without looking too much, you can save in a very significant way every week. If you want to share more advice, do not hesitate to participate by commenting!

11 January 2018



This year, I want to take more serius my Social Media, as I have found in it a place to spread my ideas and be free to say and write whatever I want and, at the same time, I have the oportunity to help people through those internet platforms and make new friends. I decided to set then, few goals which I think some of them are possible to achieve.

I have setted up a small amount of goals which I think I will be able to accomplish as my main goals, even tough they are related to social media, are much more complicated and require of much more attention. So having said that, here are my goals for this 2018:

-         Instagram: Arrive to 700 followers (Now I have 436)
-         Twitter: Arrive to 500 followers (Now I have 259)
-         Youtube: Arrive to 100 followeres (Now I have 47)
-         Blog: Increase my page views to 100 daily (Now I have arround 50-100)
-         Participate in one writinging award (If possible)

I know I will be able to rich some of them them easier than others but the important thing tough, is that I want to arrive to more people, not in aim to have benefits from my Social Media but to make people happy and help them a bit if I can through my Blog, YT Channel and my Social Media in general.

Do you have any Social Media goals?
I wish you the best in order you can accomplish them!

Love you all xx

9 January 2018



Even though I have had my blog since long time ago, is now when I have started to use it more. (If want to know why, see my post about cheating). After a kind and sort of things that has recently happened to me, is when I realized the amount of people who writes amazing posts and will maybe never get highly recognized!

As I don’t want that to happen, I started to support more small bloggers and Vloggers, not because I want them to follow me back, but because I think that if they deserve it because of the content they create, is the right thing to do.
Is for that reason that it bothers me so much every time you find someone who follows and unfollow constantly! They are the kind of people we must avoid from our Blogs and Vlogs, all they seek for is attention and be recognized but, that tis not the way to do it!!! 

Some people have their Blogs / Vlogs in order to escape from their life and show to other people things they like or some tips they have which might help other people, we are no one to make them feel miserable with themselves or sad.

If you have a Vlog or Blog, you know what I am talking about, every time we see a new subscriber it makes us so happy because we think we are doing and writing things that people like and enjoy! So, every time someone plays with us that way it just makes us feel disappointed with ourselves a little bit and sometimes we lose the illusion to write that day!  

I don’t want to upset anyone but sometimes, we must say the truth how it is even if it hurts a bit at the begining in order to change things for the better, specially at social media as you don’t know the story of each person. You could break them without even know it…

I love you all! xx

6 January 2018



We must admit it, we all have used or use hashtags to promote our blogs. I have made a recap of the most popular hashtags that bloggers use so where they go:

Promote your blog: 
#ontheblog #linkinprofile #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #diyblog #blog #blogger #myblog

#creativityfound #craftsposure #thenativecreative #diyproject #crafternoon #doityourself #makesomething #creativelife #createeveryday #doitfortheprocess #diy
#mymoment #thatsdarling #darlingweekend #darlingmovement #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #pursuepretty #petitejoys #flashesofdelight #welltravelled #momentswithsunday #morningslikethese #lifestyle
Themed Instagram:
#color #colorful #colorhunters #colorcrush #abmhappylife #abmlifeiscolorful #lifecolorfully #pastel_lover #pasteloftheday #colorlove #dscolor #instacolorful #colorworld #beautiful #rainbow #instacolor #colour #colors
Work Place:
#smallbiz #mycreativebiz #makersgonnamake #onmydesk #whereiwork #creativelifehappylife #weeklyresources #handsandhustle #tnchustler #creativeentrepeneur #girlboss
#cuisine #food #restaurant #yummy #kitchen #wine #gastronomy #dinner #lunch #tasty #delicious #restaurant #uk #drinks #tea #cocktails #yummy #delish #afterwork #breakfast  #foodies #lcsa #aperitif #baking #veggie #foodpic #foodporn #amazing #yum #eat #hungry #instafood
#kid #kids #instakids #child #children #childrenphoto #love #cute #adorable #instagood #young #niños #sweet #bebe #baby #pretty #fun #family #happy #instababy #instacute #smile #play #little #fam #familytime
Kids Fashion:
#blogfashion #kidsfashion #blogkidsfashion #fashionblog #fashionkids #kids #fashionblogger #fashion #instafashionkids #kidswear #fashionforkids #stylish #style #stylishkids #instakids #mumandme #instagram_kids #trendy #trendykids #outfit #ootd #ootdkids #trendykiddies #blog #babyfashion #kidsclothes #cutekidsfashion
#travel #traveling #trip#vacation #visiting #tourism #tourist #holiday #passport #instago #fun #instatravel #trip #mytravelgram #travelgram #travelingram #igtravel

Remember that even though those hashtags are very Handy to copy and paste, we must adapt them to the content of our post and / or photo on Instagram!!

4 January 2018


hairdresser's struggles | 2018

I am going to be completely honest with you, I hate to go to the hairdresser. Here are some situations that you might get related about why I hate it:
      Split tips: Every time I ask for them to just cut the split tips of my hair, they will end up cutting nearly 4 fingers of hair saying is not a lot. Afterwards, you will hit your head at home against the wall because you hate how you look now with your shorter hair!

-          New type of hairstyle: When they finish cutting your hair, usually they say that you would look better with your hair curled or straighten up. You agreed like an idiot and most of times end up crying in the shower washing your hair because your new look is awful, and you feel so uncomfortable with it!

-          New hair color: I remember when the color degradation was so cool and fabulous! So, I went to the hairdresser in aim to get one of those. Some hairdressers are able to do marvelous things with your hair but this time (like most times), I ended up with a horizontal line where I have half of my hair black and the other one nearly white… It ended all up with me crying at home DYING the white part of my hair with some cheap black tint I found at the supermarket…. It took me few weeks until I felt happy with my hair again!

-          Cut your fringe: It doesn’t matter if they cut it right, you will always see you awkward and feel they have cut it shorter than you asked. You will also find some long hairs flying around that haven’t been cut and when you will try to attempt to cut them, it all will get much worse. So you will ended up crying on the sofa with a big pot of ice-cream. 

To swam up, we will never be happy when we will go to the hair dresser but, who knows, maybe one day a miracle happens and we LOVE IT!

2 January 2018



     Be a blogger is not easy. How many of us will never succeed? And I am not talking about the money part, I am just talking about how many unread posts we will write? How many hours we will spend breaking our heads thinking about some great (or what we think are great) ideas which then will be never be written? And don’t even mention the comments that we will never see…
Well, that’s not just all, if all would be write and think would be easier, but we also have to add the photography. No one knows how hard is to have a good shot of something as simple as nail varnish, no one prepare us to the shitty light, the dark shades to don’t even mention the blurry background effect or the struggle to have a good device where to take the photos!

So why we keep doing it even though we know we are never going to maybe succeed?
Well, some bloggers give up quite easily as what they expected was maybe quick and easy money which will never get. Others, just do it because they are bored and want to express themselves and the last ones, we just do it because we need to take out our feelings and try to help more people with our experiences (as if we were doctors or something…. Sure!).

So here is my advice, it doesn’t matter what are your blogging reasons, I don’t care if you will have or not an amazing success (hopefully yes!), I just want you to enjoy, create content that you like and the most important, be supportive with other bloggers. We are a big community and if we desire to be red, we must do the effort to support and read those posts which someone like us may think they will never be red.

Here is for us! 

I love you all xx


BE HEALTHIER | 2018 Today I wanted to explain a little bit ten basic tips for healthy eating, due it  is one of the most persecuted ...