16 January 2018



Recently, I have had a painful memory coming back to me again, and as I am very impulsive my reaction would have been horrible if it wasn’t because I decided to control myself. I tried really, really, hard and I am proud to say that I made it!
It hasn’t been easy tough, to put you in situation, I have found a photo of my ex with the girl she cheated on me for the last year or so of our relationship. I know it might seem a very stupid thing, but I really struggled with this situation for a long time.


First of all, I have calmed down as there was no point to get dramatic at all and to be honest, he is not worth.
To calm down myself, I take few deep breaths as I felt I was getting a bit anxious.
Once I had my normal conditions back (sort of), I decided to text two friends as I needed to explain myself, and is one of the best things I have ever done. So, my advice would be to don’t keep those kinds of things for yourself even if they are stupid or simple as with the time, you will be paying your accumulate thoughts and frustration with someone who doesn’t deserve it.  
Finally, I decided to entertain myself a little bit, so I decided to read some new bloggers and watch some YouTube. 


Is still not easy even after few hours later but I kept thinking and I just realized that I am stronger than this situation so I just have to embrace it as good as I can and just keep going with what I do.

Even though I don’t have too many friends, the ones I have are amazing plus the blogger community always is there to give you a hand no matter what.
I am a very lonely person and I though I would struggle more but I gave it a shot at socializing more and I feel happier than ever now!


It doesn’t matter how you feel when those kinds of things happen, you just have to know that you are not alone and the most important bit, WITH help, or asking to someone you will be able to get through even that it seems you cannot survive anymore, or that you don’t want to ask for help as you struggle socializing. Everyone can get through, yes, it might take more or less time, but you will get through.

If you are feeling a bit down, just comment so we can help.

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