25 January 2018



If you are a lover of Bath & Body Works (BBW) products, what are you waiting to buy their products? Well, if they would ship to EU, I would do it! But no worries, there are few ways to buy their products. Keep reading to know how I buy them!

As a very good webpage where you can find some of the BBW products from the old and new season. The advantage i that if you are Amazon Prime, you can get some products with free shipping but on the other side, they are more xpenssive than the USA webpage.

The shop, has from candles, to hand sanitisers and also jelly soap! It is a very good place to buy things at more affordable price and with free shipping in most of the product they have. The sseller has some products for the older ranges and tones from the new ones and the most wanted ones which it makes it a perfect place to buy!

If you live at the UK, you hit the jackpot! At the facebook page, you can find most of the new products and the most demanded ones for a reasonable price and shipping! They also offer the opportunity that if you want any product from BBW webpage, you can order it to them and they will get it for you and send it to your doorstep! 

This is a beauty webpage where you can find different BBW products, from your car scent to handcream! Their prices are not the cheapest but sometimes they have offers at different BBW products which makes it much better and affordable. They are a serious company and the shipping is quick and guaranteed!

Right, now that you know where to buy those amazing products from BBW, what are you waiting for?!!!!

Love you all xxx

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