23 January 2018



We should learn to accept our body as it is...

There are many people who have inner struggles by not accepting their body as it is. We live in a society which the canon of woman beauty is very strict, many women live with complexes, insecurities and fears just to feel that they have a body that fits in a decent and acceptable size. The truth is that we should feel good in our own bodies, is basic and necessary to take control of our own decisions of how we want our body to be or look like and that way, we would learn to love ourselves and accept the rest of people without judgments, so we will feel much better in our own body.
Here you have some simple tips which might help you to love your body as it is:
1. You are unique; you're a wonderful person and your body has a beauty that is also unique.

2. Look at yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you.
3. Take care of your body, listen to your feelings ... For example, if you're too tired, then treat yourself to a nap, a hot bath, a massage, that would make you feel much better and relive some anxiety and or stress ...
4. Avoid workaholism because overwork also leaves its mark at the body as stress.
5. Play with fashion, sometimes we should encourage ourselves and experiment or test how we are with different things we never thought that we would wear, this might surprise you sometimes! We can also learn the kind of clothes that enhance our personal beauty and we dress according our age and personality.
6. Not everything consists in your body, there are more important factors which affect your general beauty such as your sympathy, social skills, personal charisma, kindness and love. They are very special and are a treasure that opens doors in all kind of relationships. We shouldn’t be so obsessed for how we look but how what kind of person we are.
7. Look in the mirror and fix your attention on all those body parts you like.

Remember, you can always leave your comments if you have some more good advice, so we can help each other!

Love you all xxx

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