18 January 2018


FURRY TAG | 2018

Hello! As many of you know I have a dog called GusGus and as I freatured him A LOT on my social media ( instagram, youtube, twitter), I thought I would be nice if you could know a bit more about him. I have answered a few general questions so here they come!

What kind of pet is and what breed?
Well, as most of you know, my pet is a male dog called GusGus ( yes, like the Cinderella's lovely fatty mouse). He is a pug even though it doesn't seem so, I will explain; His dad is a pedigree pug but his mummy is a pug x chihuahua, for that reason his face is not 100% as puggy as it could be which I am very happy with as the vet said he won't have respiratory problems as pug sometimes have!

Since when do you have him and when did you get him?
My furry baby came to me the 17th of November 2016, he was given to me by now the one who is my ex boyfriend for Christmas and my birthday all together. I do not like to say he was a present as I feel presents are objects and I am that kind of person who things that dogs are much more than that how to call them present... Like if they were objects or something!!
He was introduced to me the day I flown back from Spain to the UK, so he was wating for his new mummy at the airport!!! I remember he was soooo tinny and I cried of happiness all the way back home ( about 1 hour or so..).

How old is GusGus?
Right now, GusGus has 1 year old and 3 months! His birthday is the 24th of September and obsviously, we had a party just for him to celebrate wher ehe got tons of presents and even a whole cacke (dog friendly) for himself!

Does GusGus have something special?
I think all dogs have something special, in GusGus case are their weird funny faces that he puts most of the time and his tongue out ALL day long, even when he sleeps!!! And yes, I have touched it when he puts it out for a long time and it gets a bit dry so I put some drops of water until he puts it back in (for 1 minute if that....). A part form those, GusGus has been like a therapy dog for me as when I have struggled he has felt I wasn't being myself and cuddled and kissed me until I stopped crying. He also sleeps every night next to me and pushes me to the edge of the bed... Thanks Gus! 

What do you do with him of your free time?
I love to spend time with GusGus! I know that dogs don't live the same amount of time as us, for that reason, every day I try to spend with him as many time as possible. Our favourite thing to do when I have a day off is go on long walkies on the park and get him some extra treats (Yes, he is spoiled rotten). I also like to take pictures of both of us and play chasse with him, as it is the only exercice I do and time to time is nice to practice it with someone, especially if is your dog! 

What nicknames does GusGus has?
Oh dear... Allright I will put some over here but I call him lots of names bless him.. I always call him Gus or GusGus but I also call him sweet pea; Gasgui (no idea why); my lovely; silly sausage; fat boy; among others. The good thing is that he understands what I am saying ( he is quitle clever).

What GusGus means to you?
I struggle A LOT answering this question as I always cry just thinking about it ( I am a very emotional person). GusGus for me means my whole world, he is my most loved member of the family and I am just so lucky and happy to have him in my life! And I don't want to say more because I am already crying... 

I hope you all enjoyed knowing a bit more about my lovely furry baby!
Let me know that you like the most about your pets (all kind of pet) on the comments! 

I love you all xx

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