4 January 2018


hairdresser's struggles | 2018

I am going to be completely honest with you, I hate to go to the hairdresser. Here are some situations that you might get related about why I hate it:
      Split tips: Every time I ask for them to just cut the split tips of my hair, they will end up cutting nearly 4 fingers of hair saying is not a lot. Afterwards, you will hit your head at home against the wall because you hate how you look now with your shorter hair!

-          New type of hairstyle: When they finish cutting your hair, usually they say that you would look better with your hair curled or straighten up. You agreed like an idiot and most of times end up crying in the shower washing your hair because your new look is awful, and you feel so uncomfortable with it!

-          New hair color: I remember when the color degradation was so cool and fabulous! So, I went to the hairdresser in aim to get one of those. Some hairdressers are able to do marvelous things with your hair but this time (like most times), I ended up with a horizontal line where I have half of my hair black and the other one nearly white… It ended all up with me crying at home DYING the white part of my hair with some cheap black tint I found at the supermarket…. It took me few weeks until I felt happy with my hair again!

-          Cut your fringe: It doesn’t matter if they cut it right, you will always see you awkward and feel they have cut it shorter than you asked. You will also find some long hairs flying around that haven’t been cut and when you will try to attempt to cut them, it all will get much worse. So you will ended up crying on the sofa with a big pot of ice-cream. 

To swam up, we will never be happy when we will go to the hair dresser but, who knows, maybe one day a miracle happens and we LOVE IT!

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