2 January 2018



     Be a blogger is not easy. How many of us will never succeed? And I am not talking about the money part, I am just talking about how many unread posts we will write? How many hours we will spend breaking our heads thinking about some great (or what we think are great) ideas which then will be never be written? And don’t even mention the comments that we will never see…
Well, that’s not just all, if all would be write and think would be easier, but we also have to add the photography. No one knows how hard is to have a good shot of something as simple as nail varnish, no one prepare us to the shitty light, the dark shades to don’t even mention the blurry background effect or the struggle to have a good device where to take the photos!

So why we keep doing it even though we know we are never going to maybe succeed?
Well, some bloggers give up quite easily as what they expected was maybe quick and easy money which will never get. Others, just do it because they are bored and want to express themselves and the last ones, we just do it because we need to take out our feelings and try to help more people with our experiences (as if we were doctors or something…. Sure!).

So here is my advice, it doesn’t matter what are your blogging reasons, I don’t care if you will have or not an amazing success (hopefully yes!), I just want you to enjoy, create content that you like and the most important, be supportive with other bloggers. We are a big community and if we desire to be red, we must do the effort to support and read those posts which someone like us may think they will never be red.

Here is for us! 

I love you all xx

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