27 January 2018


How to organize YOUR BLOG CONTENT | 2018

I always considered that be organized is a virtue. The pity is that most people are not organized, and this affects your life both personally and professionally. Another common error is the human beings who want to run before you walk. Most people tell me that to have a good blog is impossible to have life and that's where I say they are wrong. I have my full time job, my youtube channel  and I write in my blog as well oh, and I do have a life, but it is organized. There is no magic formula, you just have to know to plan all the tasks you have to accomplish. While it is obvious that there will always be exceptions and days where it is impossible to keep up if you wanted. In the case of creating a blog, or just organize and throwing back what you have, it is important to understand the following points:


Blog should have a personal / particular theme but then try also other new ones. These themes are the categories in a blog and are used to group content. To generate this category, I propose a simple scheme. First, the main topics of the blog are created, then another and finally those related sporadic.
In a blog on Social Media organization categories could be: the main (tools, news and tutorials), those related (Success stories, e-books and studies) and sporadic (Inbound Marketing, Advertising and infographics).


Assuming that the content of the post is already thought like category, it will be only defined in what format will be posted on the blog. Some ideas are: infographics, tutorials, videos, interviews, news, downloadable content, etc ...
If you want more ideas to create content you can find some from other bloggers which are amazing and at the same time you will be supporting the community!


It is important to define the frequency of publications on a blog, especially at the beginning. No matter how low frequency (once a week), the important thing is to start. For more organization is advisable to use a calendar or notepad in which the next content publishing are planned. In addition to the above, I will want to share other factors that have influenced the organization and optimization of content within a blog. 
Of course from my experience as a blogger:

The design of a blog is the first impression that the reader takes on his first visit. After creating my blog, I have used different templates and change it more than 3 times in less than 6 months!!! I can guarantee that the design is very important. I would even say that after the valuable content that follows it is the design. Fashion is now being minimalist, less is more, so try to find a clean and attractive but mostly usable template. Remember that your goal is that readers navigate for several minutes to move from one post to another and so on.

The good thing about blogging is that by design or template you have configured is noteworthy that allow content. Despite several forms, the most common are:
  • Through banners on the right side of the posts.
  • By carousel homepage can highlight the latest news or those that are more relevant.
  • Highlighting the major categories through the menu of the blog. 

   The links
  • The links are paramount, both internal and external. For internal links recommend:
  • Link to other posts posted on the blog
  • Link to blog categories, this is a good way to help readers discover other content the desire

Last but not least, we must feel like to have a good blog, this way you will dedicate the love it deserves.

Love you all xxx



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