13 January 2018



How to Save at our shopping is one of the main goals at most families or people who lives alone (like me). Sometimes we buy more than we need, or we usually forget things that are super important! For that reason, I wanted to share with you some tips that I use when is shopping time.

1-     Always make a list of what we need: This will help us to don't buy innecessary items.

2-     Never go shopping with an empty stomach: One thing that I have learned with the time is that if you are hungry while shopping, the chane to buy an innecessary product to make your hunger dissapear will be very high.

3-     Go through the store following a logical pattern: Is easier when we go shopping to follow a pattern as it will allow us to memorise better where the products that we need are and that way, we will avoid to go to the whole shop.

4-      Always check the prices based on the unit price: This is very imporant, specially when the items or food are son sales or special offers like 3x2.

5-     Try other cheaper brands: Even we preffer to buy renamed brands when we can, is very good to try the cheapest brands as they are affiliate to the renamed ones, so at the end, the product is the same it jsut changes the name.

6-     Check the ticket of the purchase after paying: Always check your ticket as you might have some discounts or you could have been charged more than you should due to an offer which was not in the counter system.

7-      Make only one purchase a week: This vary a lot, depends on the family size and how much we eat. Me, personally, I preferr to shop once a week as I have all my menus scheduled so I can buy all the ingridients I need for the whole week. That way, it will save me time and money to go to the super and buy things I don't need.

8-     Set a purchase goal: I usually set a goal to don't spend more than a certain amount of money, so if one week I pay a bit more, the next one I will try to reduce it to make sure I don't spend more than I wanted to.

9-     Think about carrying plastic bags: As we all know, now we have to pay for plastic bags so in order to save a bit more, we should bring our own bags from home.

10-    Buy without children: When we buy without children, we will be avoiding the unnecessary items that children ramdomly pick up and which are very expensive.

 With these tips, and if it was of the people who are going to buy fast and without looking too much, you can save in a very significant way every week. If you want to share more advice, do not hesitate to participate by commenting!

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