20 January 2018



Hello! As many of you, I use makeup every single day of my life. I am that kind on girl who has a very bad dark circles and I need to use concealer EVERY DAY of my life..

Even though I consider I am not very good at doing my makeup, I have been using it since a long time ago and tired many different brands until I found the perfect ones for me.

In order to know which would be the best makeup for you, you would need to know your skin, but this will leave it for another time.
This post is about the best product I have found and that I think are the best ones for me to have a "natural everyday look" sort of.

I am a girl who suffers a lot of dark circles so the concealer is the most important makeup product for me. During years ( Since I was 14/15) I have been using it pretty much every day, and I have tried all kind and sorts of them but the one that has worked for me is the one from MUA in fair tone. It it the lipstick type of concealer and the best way to apply it for me to cover my dark circles is applaying it direcly on the dark circles and with my finger or a small sponge, found it with my skin. It is a very long lasting one and creamy so it will keep your skin mostruised. The only con that I have about it is that at the end of the day it creases because of your wrinkles (if you have) but with some more it will look like new! The price is very affordable and you can find it in lots of drugstores such as Superdrug ( at the UK) or their own webpage.

If you have been practicing or making your eyeliner for a long time, you should have enough practice to make it with a liquid eyeliner, which for me, is the one that works the best as the brush is very thing so it allows you to be more precice and once you apply it and it dries, it will last forever. If you don't have much experience, I would recoment the marker eyeliners, you can find them with lots of thickness so is just find the one that suits you the  most. A brand that I would recommend would be NYX for the pencil / marker one and the Bobi Brown if you have more experience and want to do it with a brush. Both of them are long lasting and easy to rectify and apply again. Even though the Bobi brown one is more expensive, the duration of the pot with the ink, it last forever, I really recommend it.

Here I have tried all kind and sort of mascaras, but I always ended up qith a silicon one as for my they work the best. My eyelashes are quite long but I have have a good amount of them so I need a mascara which separates my lashes and give them colour in order to make them show up a bit more. For that reason I always use the KIKO ULTRA TECH mascara. The tip is made of silicon and it leave my lashes separated and curves them at the same time. It is a product of a very good quality and it last for a long time. You can find them at KIKO MILANO shops or their webite and the most important is that THEY ARE VERY AFFORDABLE!

The best way to have your lipstick set all day and without creases is using a lip primer. The one that works better for me is a bit dry as I have one for matte colours so before to apply it, I will put some lip balm in order to mostruise my lips. The primer I am using since few years ago is the one form NYX, as I use it pretty much every day, is affordable and has a good result / quality. It comes in a bar, similar to lisptics and is very easy to apply. You can find them in drugtores and their own webpage. 

As I work in an office, I like to wear a more natural look, for that reason, my favourite lipstic is a matte dark pink colour from NYX. Is from Liquid Suede colection and the teaxture is very creamy to apply which it make it easier if you are too sleepy at mornings! If you are very into natural lip colours I would highly recommend their Lingerie collection as they have lots of creamy matte lipsticks in all kind and sorts of nude colours.

Even though I started to do my eyebrows not long ago, the product that I think works better for me is the KIKO palette. It comes with different tones and you can mix them in order to have your own. The colour palet also cantains wax so you can fix them to stay how you like all day long. Their prices are affordable so you don't have to spend a tone of money which is great!

I am very pale so to seem a bit more healthy and not a compleatly ghost, I use blush every day. I have tried lots of textures and brands but my favourite one so far is the MUA in the cupcake colour and the price is very cheap!!! My skin is very dry so after the mostruiser I apply some blush in order to make it blend with my cheeks. This blush is a powder one so what I do is, take some with my finger tips and add some of my mostruiser and it looks AMAZING! The only con I would say it has is that it doesn't last very long but as it is very cheap, I can apply as many times as I want.

And those are all my makeup essentials! As you may have noticed, I haven't included any foundation and that is due I use a BB cream but not very often. I will talk about in another time though!

I love you all! xx

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