9 January 2018



Even though I have had my blog since long time ago, is now when I have started to use it more. (If want to know why, see my post about cheating). After a kind and sort of things that has recently happened to me, is when I realized the amount of people who writes amazing posts and will maybe never get highly recognized!

As I don’t want that to happen, I started to support more small bloggers and Vloggers, not because I want them to follow me back, but because I think that if they deserve it because of the content they create, is the right thing to do.
Is for that reason that it bothers me so much every time you find someone who follows and unfollow constantly! They are the kind of people we must avoid from our Blogs and Vlogs, all they seek for is attention and be recognized but, that tis not the way to do it!!! 

Some people have their Blogs / Vlogs in order to escape from their life and show to other people things they like or some tips they have which might help other people, we are no one to make them feel miserable with themselves or sad.

If you have a Vlog or Blog, you know what I am talking about, every time we see a new subscriber it makes us so happy because we think we are doing and writing things that people like and enjoy! So, every time someone plays with us that way it just makes us feel disappointed with ourselves a little bit and sometimes we lose the illusion to write that day!  

I don’t want to upset anyone but sometimes, we must say the truth how it is even if it hurts a bit at the begining in order to change things for the better, specially at social media as you don’t know the story of each person. You could break them without even know it…

I love you all! xx

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